Security and DevOps focused products,
built to empower engineers.




FrontLine provides cloud products with security and DevOps in mind. Our focus is making products that are automation and production ready. 

We believe that security and automation is important in the current age. Based on extensive experience in the industry, we build our products in mind for developers and operations engineers to be ease of use and with minimalism in mind. We want our products to be used in many verticals and be agile enough to fit your need.



& Minimal

Each of our products is built from the ground up to be security focused. We believe in innovation and making sure our products are not only useful, but also built minimally for performance. We want our products to be understandable, unobtrusive, and honest. We are thorough with every feature down to the last detail.


hardened to industry standards

We believe that security is important to any business. With many threats available, we want to make sure our products are hardened enough to withstand any issues you might run into. All of our products are hardened to industry standards and are throughly audited.


Built with performance in mind

We believe good system design needs to be minimal. In order to provide the best performance, we make sure to never include anything extra in our products. What you see is what you get and nothing more.


Crafted for USABILITY

We want to make sure that our clients get the best value and usability out of our products. All off our products are carefully chosen for a purpose. This means we are honest with what we provide and make sure to be understandable and easy to use.


carefully put together for devops

We strongly follow the DevOps methodology and make sure to be unobtrusive. For this to happen, we provide products that are simple to understand and yet built to create pace so that clients can get their products to production as soon as possible.