Trusted by over 5,000+ companies worldwide

Production-ready in five minutes.

Frontline's Hardened VMs allow you to go from idea to implementation faster.
In five minutes, you can spin up one (or one thousand) VMs that are maintained, updated, and hardened by security professionals.

Automated Security

Frontline Hardened VMs are secured using automated hardening tools built by security engineers with over a decade of industry experience.

PCI Compliant

Every Compliant VM is pre-built to be PCI Compliant out-of-the-box. All necessary documentation is included to help you get started faster.

Audited & Validated

Every Frontline VM is tested, audited, and validated using rigorous security guidelines and standards.

Built with industry standard frameworks.

Frontline empowers engineers to launch hardened servers quickly and easily. We use a combination of CIS Benchmarks and DevSec to secure every hardened and compliant VM. Using these industry standard hardening techniques and frameworks, our system images save you time and money.

Security built-in

Over 100+ security controls enabled

Updated Constantly

Every VM is tracked and updated consistently

Premium world-class support included.

Included with every Frontline virtual machine is a team of dedicated, passionate world-class support. Have a question? Just reach out! We love to help.

Decades of Experience

Our team members are certified and have decades of combined experience.

Trusted by thousands.

Over 5,000 companies use Frontline's Hardened VMs worldwide, daily. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, Frontline provides secure VMs for every workload in the cloud. Our customers trust our VMs with their most important data.

Focus on building your applications,
we'll handle your infrastructure.

Frontline provides affordable, secure virtual machines that fit any business.


From $0.01/hour

Frontline Standard VMs are virtual machines built for all operating systems in AWS.

We maintain and update these virtual machines on a regular basis and make sure to include all of the latest instance types so that you are able to use the latest technology right away.

Ideal for all environments.

Premium Support
Updated Quarterly
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From $0.02/hour

Frontline Hardened VMs are virtual machines built and hardened for all operating systems in AWS.

Built with industry standard security frames, these virtual machines help launch your projects faster. We perform the hardening and maintaining of the underlying operating systems.

Ideal for secure environments.

Premium Support
Hardened with CIS Benchmarks
Updated Monthly
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Hardened + Compliant

From $0.03/hour

Frontline Hardened + Compliant VMs are virtual machines built to help you meet compliance faster in AWS.

Building on top of the Frontline Hardened VMs, these virtual machines include additional hardening and documentation to help you become compliant faster.

Ideal for compliance-regulated environments.

Premium Support
Hardened with CIS Benchmarks
Documentation for PCI Compliance
Updated Monthly
Launch a Compliant VM in AWS

Save weeks of manual security work in five minutes.

Spin one (or one hundred) VMs that are trusted, verified, and secured.
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